Russian School " Russkoye Slovo" Русская Школа "Русское Слово"

Russian school in Wiltshire (Swindon) and Bath

Russian School  " Russkoye Slovo"  Русская Школа "Русское Слово" - Russian school in Wiltshire (Swindon) and Bath

Russian as a Mother-Tongue

‘Why do I need the school to preserve my child’s Russian?’

This is the question Russian speaking ex-patriots ask themselves often. Why to take the child to school if you speak to him/her in Russian at home and they seem to be doing OK? The answer is simple – to give your child a level of Russian they are comfortable to communicate in it in all areas, not just in simple domestic situations! To enable your child to understand fully and appreciate Russian literature, Russian culture and traditions. There will come a moment when your child starts communicating only in English, and it’ll certainly happen without the support of regular Russian lessons. The child will find that communicating in English is much easier, the English vocabulary will become so much richer, so much fuller. The Russian books will become more and more difficult to read, and reading in Russian will eventually stop altogether. Please, help your child to enrich their Russian and become truly bilingual with support from the Russian school. This ability will become an invaluable asset in their adult life!

Our Russian as a Mother-Tongue language programme is aimed at children from Russian speaking families. Its main aim is to provide an opportunity for a child with the mother-tongue Russian to develop his or her understanding and use of Russian to the level of second native. Our lessons in Speech development, Russian grammar and literature together with sessions on Russian culture, music and dance will give children a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of their Russian heritage. The school will also offer a friendly Russian speaking environment in which they will be able to communicate with other children in Russian, learn Russian songs and games, take part in traditional Russian celebrations, and just make Russian friends.